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this is so rushed and messy but I HAD TO DRAW THESE DARLINGS

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Magi Week Day 2: Bonds

I was planning on sitting this one out but then the newest SnB came out and ruined my afternoon. I hate knowing what will happen because that makes it all the more heart-breaking ;-; 

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it was ya boy sousuke’s birthday!!!! me and some friends went and ate dinner in his honour. stay strong, sousuke. we luv ya. SHARK!!!!!!!!!!

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anon asked about fem!free! and ye, felt inspired

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Murasakibara x Himuro day (12/09)
aka what if they met when they were kids.
aka I’m still obsessed with this giant purple head.

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and we won't break if we let go
you and i already know
we were bound to be set free eventually
so, here we are now
you can say anything

i’m not crying you’re crying

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interlude pt 2 →


i would just like to immortalize this moment as the one where i sit here, once again, kicking and screaming about how much i love tachibana fucking makoto.

i fell madly in love with this dumbass here:


but after tonight, i want to build him a fucking shrine.

because in the light of episode…

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Just look at Haru in this scene, he looks so afraid, confused and perhaps feeling betrayed. all Makoto is saying is that he wants Haru to be happy no matter what he wants to do in his life. But Haru is so stressed and tired from people telling him what he should do in his life and putting all these expectations on him, that Haru assumes that even MAKOTO his oldest dearest friend is putting pressure on him, when that isn’t true at all.

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So far, the worst of it involved passing a gaggle of lively teenage girls, and one exclaimed, “What a silver fox!” Otherwise, strangers will generally categorize me as a mutant, and not as an octogenarian. 

And of course, it suits you perfectly. You’re operating on a higher plane than the rest of us 

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